Men’s Hormone Health

Symplex M “Men’s Hormone Support”   Supports pituitary, thyroid, adrenal and orchic (testosterone) function. Promotes healthy adrenal function. Allows the body to respond and adapt to daily stress (physical, chemical, and emotional stresses). Promotes healthy sugar metabolism. Promotes healthy metabolism. Promotes healthy thyroid function. Promotes energy production from regular food digestion. Promotes overall metabolism and tissue recovery/repair. Promotes healthy pituitary … Read More

Cruciferous Complete

Cruciferous Complete (Kale and Brussels sprouts) “Health Insurance in a Bottle”   300 mg Kale 300 mg Brussels Sprouts Contains Vitamin K – “Can’t build bone without it.” Supports bone, hair, nails and skin. Also, supports calcium absorption and healthy blood clotting. Facilitates Cancer-Preventing Estrogen Metabolism. Converts the 2 forms of Estrone that cause cancer (4-OH Estrone & 16-OH Estrone) to … Read More

Health Alert Newsletter – November 2017

Now Available @ Sulack Chiropractic – Pick up your FREE Copy Health Alert Newsletter November 2017 2015-16 Flu Vaccine Season – Another “Banner Success” Opioid Crisis Calcium Therapy for Tremors, Insomnia, Fevers, Seizures and Cramps B and G Vitamins are Critical Prostate Cancer – Prostatectomy Does Not Help “In every issue you’ll learn about my effective phytonutrient treatments—proven in tens … Read More

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Thanksgiving Hours

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Women’s Hormone Health

    Symplex F – (All Women) Supports pituitary, thyroid, adrenal and ovarian function. Supports overall endocrine function. Supports a healthy libido. Supports the elimination of symptoms of depression and fatigue. Helps balance nervous system function. Supports the elimination of hot-flashes in women with estrogen loss.   **This product contains ovary, adrenal, pituitary and thyroid PMG™ extracts.** Protomorphogen™ extracts (PMG™ extracts) are … Read More