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  1. In Nov. and Jan. I took serious falls. One backwards onto the back of my head and the 2nd tripped and fell forward onto the front rt. side of my head. CAT scan taken but nothing broken, Just cut on right side of right eye with super glue to close. Area still sore after 04Jan15 fall.
    I have always had success only with upper cervical. My doctor relocated to SC. The only doctor here does not take medicare and my medigap. My injuries with my neck especially are getting more painful each day.
    My questions are:
    What school of Chiropractic did Dr Sulack graduate from and is he an upper cervical chiropractor? Does he accept medicare?
    Thank you
    Mary S Gilbert

    1. Dr. Sulack graduated from Northwestern in 2002. He uses an upper cervical specific technique called Torque Release with an Integrator.
      Give us a call at 865-938-1070 if you have any other questions, or if you would like to schedule an initial appointment.

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