Sulack Chiropractic serves the Powell, Halls, Karns and Knoxville Areas with a gentle and effective approach to health and wellness including chiropractic treatment, nutritional counseling and massage chair therapy.  See what others are saying about the care they receive at Sulack Chiropractic.



“After 5 weeks of treatment at Sulack Chiropractic, I have almost no pain. I am more flexible and have a better mental attitude toward life. I have suffered with neck and back pain since 1993. God Bless Sulack Chiropractic.”

– Alice


“I have suffered with severe and chronic sinus and allergy symptoms for most of my life. I have endured two years of allergy shots, sinus surgery, and countless medications, many of which I am allergic to and they did not alleviate the symptoms. The constant battle with allergic reactions to my environment continued until I started receiving treatment from Dr. Mike Sulack. I was skeptical and scared at first, but it turned out to be the best decision of my life.

A month after starting treatment I stopped taking the five daily allergy prescriptions. I feel like a new person. I have energy now that I have never had before and I have been medicine free for eight months. My two-year-old daughter also receives treatment and has been free of allergy symptoms for six months. Sulack Chiropractor has truly been a blessing to me and my family. I now truly believe that this treatment is necessary for a healthy life. Thanks to everyone at Sulack Chiropractic.”

– Ann


“My 3 yr. old daughter has had reoccurring illness since birth. Doctor’s could never diagnose her problem, but she continued to get sick about every 6 weeks with a fever, cough, etc. Time after time, she was put on antibiotics and was taking Singulair, Nasonex, and Benedryl on a daily basis. Finally, her pediatrician sent her to an allergist who determined she had allergies and infected sinus, again she was put on antibiotics and was to be seen again in 2 weeks. At the end of the 2 weeks when I took her back they said her sinus x-ray revealed that her sinuses were even worse than they were 2 weeks prior and was prescribed 2 weeks of antibiotics and 10 days worth of steroids!! SHE’S THREE!

That’s when we started bringing her here.  Her scan revealed a lot of pressure in the area that affects her sinuses. We thought we would give it a try because it would be better than doping her up. That was almost 2 months ago and she never needed those antibiotics, and she no longer takes her Singulair, Nasonex, or Benedryl, and she has been completely healthy!! I think this is the longest she has ever gone without being sick! We give God all the glory and thank Dr. Mike for being His hands to extend His healing!”

– Audrey


“Since 2001 my back, before and after surgery, was very painful; almost crippling. We moved here from Florida to Knoxville and by no accident we are located very close to Sulack Chiropractic. We found it from the Christian newspaper. We joined Dr. Mike’s practice in July of 2006 – it took quite a while but all of a sudden I began realizing thru their intervention and God that I am almost back up to my former very active self. God continues to work thru them and is healing me more and more. I am very thankful for God leading us to them.”

– Bonnie


“In 1993 I was rear ended twice within 5 weeks. The first injury was in my neck, (C4), and the second was in my lower back. After months of treatment by a chiropractor, an orthopedic surgeon and a physical therapist I improved but they wanted to operate. As an RN and single parent of 3, I decided not to have surgery. It was in God’s hands. After being treated by Dr. Mike for the last 6 months, I can turn my head, I have balance and stability, fewer hand tremors…”

– Sulack Chiropractic Patient


“I had heard of carpal tunnel problems and surgery but then it hit me one day and the pain went all the way to my shoulder. Dr. Mike worked on it and there has been no more pain. Then the rotator cuff horror. Many people I know have a scar on their shoulder from rotator cuff surgery. And then mine messed up. I couldn’t move my right arm out more than a few inches without severe pain. Dr. Mike worked on it and it began to improve. Then I couldn’t move it backward without pain so they continued to work on my shoulder and now I have a full range of motion and no pain and no scar on my shoulder.”

– Bobbie


“Eight years ago I suddenly lost the vision in my right eye. My ophthalmologist found I had optic neuritis. Five ophthalmologists have told me they have nothing to correct the nerve damage. After a few treatments I noticed something different with my eye. I could see more! I am able now to read a whole paragraph with my right eye! Praise God!”

– Carol


“I am almost 65 years of age and I feel better than I have felt most of me life. I started having head aches and neck problems at 8 years of age. Then 10 years ago I hurt my back. I felt like and acted like an old women. Over the years I have had some real positive results with chiropractic care but Sulack Chiropractic has gone a step farther; they not only get you healthy but they have a plan to keep you healthy with no discomfort whatsoever. Seems too good to be true but it is true and the staff, atmosphere and the whole experience makes you happy you chose Sulack Chiropractic. Thank you Sulack Chiropractic for allowing God to use you to bless us with good health.”

– Carolyn


“My family has experienced wonderful results since we started visiting Sulack Chiropractic. My husband had terrible sinus headaches and congestion and was taking prescription Allegra everyday. He has been completely healed from this. I had restless leg syndrome at night and that has been completely healed as well. Our children visit Dr. Mike too and they have not had any sinus problems since our initial treatments. Thank you Dr. Mike and thank you Jesus!”

– Deborah


“Since I have been coming to you and getting treatments, I have been so much better. I couldn’t lay on my right side or turn my neck. I was in so much pain. I was so thankful that my brother in law and sister recommended me to you. I have you and the good Lord to thank. I am pain free most of the time. I can get a good night sleep, which I couldn’t before. Thank you all so much. You have been an inspiration to me. Everyone is so nice there and kind. I would recommend you to anyone and have recommended you. Thanks to all of you again.”

– Frieda


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  1. My teenage daughter’s seasonal allergies had been getting very bad in the past few years. She missed had missed several days of school due to the severity and allergy meds not giving much relief. We mentioned it to Dr. Mike during a chiropractic visit and he told us about the new laser allergy treatment. We were a little skeptical of a treatment like this to actually help, but went through with it in the late Spring of 2016. By the Spring of 2017, I heard people talking about their seasonal allergies and realized- my daughter hadn’t been experiencing any! Not only that, but I recalled that in the Fall of 2016, she hadn’t had any flare ups either! We are so glad that we went through with the treatment and are so thankful for Dr. Mike and his knowledge and experience!

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