Over the past 16 years, Dr. Sulack has utilized the Webster Technique with many of his pregnant patients.  Many women experience pelvic misalignment, pinched nerves, and muscle spasm in their pelvis and low back during pregnancy.   This can often result in the restriction of movement for their developing baby (fetus).  Many times, this leads to increased back pain during pregnancy, possible breech presentation later in pregnancy, and back labor during labor and delivery.  The Webster technique focuses on safely and gently reducing pelvic misalignment, nerve interference, muscle spasm, and torsion on the uterus.  Many of Dr. Sulack’s patients have noticed their baby (fetus) move out of a breeched position within one or two treatments.  Also, later term treatment can be performed with the expecting mother in a seated position.


The Webster Technique Helps the Mother:

  • Maintain proper pelvic alignment.
  • Avoid pinched nerves in pelvis and low back.
  • Reduce muscle spasm.
  • Prevent back labor.
  • Correct and prevent breech presentation.

The Webster Technique Helps the Baby (Fetus):

  • Develop with less pressure on cranial, spine and skeletal structures.
  • Avoid misalignments caused by limited space and movement in the uterus.
  • Maintain a proper position to be ready for delivery.
  • Avoid the increased stress of a delivery with complications.






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